Machine Shop

If we need to craft your part ourselves or if you need a specifically engineered and machined component or batch of components, we’re able to help. Learn more about our machine shop.

On-Site Service

In some instances our clients will have no options but to have one of our technicians to show up on site for immediate service for their specific needs. If your company is such a predicament, contact us.

Walk-In Service

If you need to visit our Houston location, we’ll make your parts while you wait. We maintain a staff of five full-time employees in our walk-in area to ensure our visitors and clients immediate service.

Questions? Contact our team.

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30AM – 5:00PM • Saturdays 8am – 12PM

Our Houston, TX Location

Wilco Supply, LLC • 6003 Armour Drive • Houston, TX 77020
Phone: 713-675-6366 • Toll Free: 800-521-5284 • Fax: 713-676-0201

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