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Wilco Supply, LLC occupies a unique position in the waterblast hose industry. Wilco Supply, LLC is a direct importer of Diesse rubber waterblast hoses in 3/8” 12k, 1/2” 12k, 15k and 20k,  3/4” and 1” 10k.  Unlike other distributors, Wilco acquires these hoses in bulk, so we’re able to supply lengths up to and occasionally exceeding 300ft, or short lengths under a foot.  We provide the industry standards of 50ft lengths, or European standards of 20m (65ft). Wilco partners with SpirStar to offer you a full assortment of flexible lances and supply hoses.

We can provide test certifications for all waterblast assemblies.

Safety is Always the Top Priority

Learn more about our safety shroud.

Wilco Supply, LLC is also the manufacturer of safety items for the waterblast industry such as safety shrouds and nylon Whip-checks. At present, the Wilco Supply safety shroud is the only shroud on the market that has been destruct-tested by an independent third-party test lab. Safety shrouds are available in pressures from 15-40k.

Test results from the lab can be furnished to our customers upon request.

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In addition to the water blast items, Wilco Supply also supplies specific types of hoses for vacuum, petroleum, chemical, cryogenic, air, and water service. With our internal machine shop, we’re able to fabricate metal and team jacket hoses, flexible metal hoses, as well as metal expansion joints to ensure the integrity of the product.

Wilco Supply, LLC is one of the largest distributors and fabricators of hydraulic hoses of all pressures in the USA.

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